A Train to Rockaway is a short film that gives a glimpse into the daily routine of Calvin Seibert, a highly independent New York artist. Calvin has been commuting from his rent-controlled studio in Chelsea to the beaches of New York City since the 1980s to build impressive modern, brutalist-inspired sandcastles. At the end of each day, Calvin walks away from the work, forfeiting it to the whims of the waves, seagulls or the random wandering child. 

His work has been featured on the CBS Evening NewsThe Daily MailThe New York TimesThe Financial Times, and many other venues around the world. Every summer he gets written up around the world. He also has a flickr account with over 16 million views and an instagram account with over 10,000 followers as well. 

It was actually the New York Times article that first drew us to Calvin in 2015. His work ethic and productivity was inspiring, and that's not even talking about the beauty of the castles themselves. So we tracked him down online and made contact. Shooting began at the end of that summer in 2015 and we came out to the beach with him again the following year. All of this, of course, was paid for out of our own pockets.

In our film, we take a look at Calvin’s relationship to art and to the city he calls home. We want to take our audience into a world in which a commitment to creativity and art takes priority above all else.